TDP’s planning ‘Maha Sketch’ – checkmate to Jagan?

Telugu Desam Party Chief Nara Chandra Babu Naidu is planning to increase the mileage of his party so that he can resist the unstoppable flow of the AP CM YS Jagan. Under the present circumstances he can’t do anything in public and hence, CBN wants to go with the trend.

The leader of the opposition, Naidu wants to arrange the famous ‘Mahanadu’ with only a few on his party leaders and people in the wake of the lockdown restrictions. If not possible Babu is very determined to conduct it in the ‘Zoom App’ at any cost and his main intent is to keep all his party leaders on tabs.

Babu wants to take on the ruling party as there were rumors around that 3 TDP MLAs along with another two senior politicians in the opposition are ready to join the YSRCP. Jagan might be planning to make them resign to their posts and to the party so that he can cause irreparable damage to this 30-year old party.

Now, CBN, with Mahandu, is looking to bring all his people together so that he can send a message to the YCP that there is no way they can destroy his party, and Naidu thinks that this the only option to checkmate Jagan in this political game.

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