Muthyala Muggu Daily Serial-E 875 – 19th Jul

Show/Serial:Muthyala Muggu
Channel:Zee Telugu

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Serial Plot:
Mutyala Muggu is a Telugu drama television series starring Bhumi and Nandika. The story revolves around the life of Bhulaxmi, her mother and family who hails from a remote village called Paderu. Bhulaxmi is a Kabaddi and Bharatanatyam enthusiast who dreams of excelling in sports and pursuing further studies. However, her mother who has a bitter past holds her back from fulfilling her dreams.

Muthyala Muggu Daily Serial

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Latest Episode:

E875 – Part1 : Part2: Part3 -19th Jul

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E722-Part1 : Part2– 14th Dec

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Recent Random Post:

Pareshan Movie Review

June 2, 2023

The involvement of actor Rana as the presenter of a small film starring Tiruveeru, known for his role in “Masooda,” sparked interest. Furthermore, the film promised quirky comedy set in rural Telangana. The film’s title, “Pareshan,” added to the anticipation. So, has the film lived up to these expectations?

Let’s find out.

In a coal mine village in Mancherial, Isaac (Thiruveer), an ITI student, is chastised by his father (Muralidhar Goud), a miner in Singareni collieries, for his poor academic performance and spending time with friends. When one of his friends finds himself in need of money to avoid a police case, Isaac lends him the fifty thousand rupees that his father gave him.

Unfortunately, his friend fails to repay the borrowed money. As Isaac grapples with this predicament, his girlfriend reveals that she is pregnant and requires financial assistance for an abortion.

To make matters worse, the money he had collected for the abortion procedure is stolen by another friend. Will Isaac ever be able to overcome these troubles and find a solution to his pareshan (problems)?

Artistes’ Performances:
Tiruveer has already demonstrated his acting abilities in films such as “Masooda.” This is quite a regular role and he does okay. Pavani Karanam as his girlfriend naturally.

Muralidhar Goud is perfect as the hero’s father. Other actors are newcomers and amateurs.

Technical Excellence:
The entire film is shot in rural Telangana, and the cinematography is good. Music, on the other hand, is a total bust. Production values are poor.

Couple of jokes in second half

Too many drinking sequences
No story worth talking about
Familiar conflict point

The comedies set in rural Telangana are starting to become repetitive, lacking variety in plot and narration. “Pareshan” is the latest film to exemplify this trend.

The film, directed by Rupak Ronaldson, introduces a Christian young man as the protagonist, but apart from that, it adheres to the typical conventions of contemporary rural comedies.

The hero faces the usual challenges, including criticism from his father, financial difficulties, romantic complications, and indulging in drinking and partying with friends. These moments form the core of “Pareshan.”

Honestly, the film relies more on its drinking scenes and silly jokes rather than its story or any other aspect. Despite none of these friends having a stable source of income, the consumption of beer continues.

They drink when feeling low, when in a good mood, and even when they are short on money (without bothering to explain where the funds come from). The director seems to have envisioned these buddies engaging in brawls or casually drinking beer from bottles as a way to progress the story.

The plot revolves around the hero lending a portion of the Rs 2 lakh given to him by his father to a friend. Retrieving the money becomes a challenging journey, and the gang manages to consume beer worth over two lakh rupees in the process. That’s how absurd the film’s premise is.

There is a romantic track, but it is better left undiscussed. It is unrealistic for a young woman to assume she’s pregnant immediately after engaging in sexual activity. Is it logical to contemplate an abortion just a few days after unsafe sex? Why not utilize a simple solution like one of the many pregnancy test kits available in medical stores? These aspects raise questions about the film’s relevance to contemporary times.

It is unfortunate that films like “Pareshan” bear Telangana’s name, as they tarnish the region’s reputation by perpetuating the stereotype that its people solely consume mutton and beer.

The only consolation the film offers is a couple of jokes. The scene featuring a Christian priest participating in a religious album is quite amusing, and another hilarious scene involves the hero’s father catching him at a wedding procession. However, a couple of jokes alone cannot salvage a movie.

All in all, “Pareshan” is another unsuccessful attempt at Telangana rural drama. It does nothing more than depict scenes of people drinking. What a foolish comedy!

Bottom line: Prekshakulaki Pareshan