Nandini Daily Serial – E862 – 2nd April

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Nandini Daily Serial

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E862 – Part1 : Part2 : Part3 – 2nd April

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Recent Random Post:

RGV Overtakes Rajamouli, Announces Mahabharatam

January 19, 2021

From the millennial blockbuster ‘Student No.1’ to Baahubali Rajamouli has surely come a long way. He is an amazing storyteller and no doubt one of the most loved celebrity in Tollywood. All eyes are on Rajamouli’s upcoming film ‘RRR’ which has been in the news ever since it went on floors. If you may recall, during RRR’s launch Rajamouli had said that he wants to do a movie on Mahabharatam. He also hinted that could be his last movie. But, he didn’t mention when the film will go on floors.

The latest news we hear Controversial director RGV has been busy making a series of films even during the lockdown. RGV’s announced his new movie and released a new poster with the movie titled ‘This is not the Mahabharatam’. Apart from the poster, in the audio poster, Verma said, “There are such people in a town in Telangana where the characters seen in the Mahabharata are being cast somewhere.

We are making this web series based on this.” The web series is directed by Anand Chandra and written by Sirashree. Ram Gopal Varma is the supervisor. It is being said on social media that RGV overtakes Rajamouli in making Mahabharatam and there’s no guarantee when Rajamouli would announce about his Mahabharatam.

Meanwhile, Rajamoului’s RRR is nearing to its completion. It features Jr NTR and Ram Charan in lead roles and they have been working round the clock to deliver the film on time. If reports are to be believed, Rajamouli’s RRR is likely to hit the big screens by end of this year. Keep watching this space for more updates.