‘The Goat Life’ Movie Review

'The Goat Life
Cast: Prithviraj Sukumaran, Amala Paul, Jimmy Jean-Louis, K R Gokul and others.
Directed by: Blessy
Produced by: Blessy, Jimmy Jean – Louis and Steven Adams
Music by: AR Rahman
Release Date: 28/03/2024
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'The Goat Life' Movie Review

After impressing the Telugu audience as Varadharaja Mannar in ‘Salaar’, Malayalam star hero Prithviraj Sukumaran has brought the ‘The Goat Life’ to us. He worked very hard on this movie and the entire team worked for more than 4 years on this project. It is releasing in multiple languages and the trailer attracted a lot of true movie lovers. Let us see how it turned out.


Najeeb (Prithviraj Sukumaran) is a very common man who hails from the rural parts of Telangana. He is not educated but leads his life happily with his mother and pregnant wife. With the desire of living a better life with his family, he decides to go to Saudi Arabia for work. He takes the help of a friend who arranges a visa for him. Upon reaching Saudi Arabia, he realises that he along with another person are conned. They are made slaves in the desert. They go through a lot of atrocities and they are made to work like animals in that place. They lead a very hard life and Najeeb reaches a point where he couldn’t even recognise himself after a few years. What did Najeeb do to get out of that place and how will be reach his family at the end forms the rest of the story.


In the world of cinema, there is one film in each genre that will set a benchmark for the rest. It becomes a reference point when we talk about such movies. When it comes to survival dramas, the first film people talk about is ‘Cast Away’. It revolves around a person who gets deserted in an unknown region for years trying to come out of it and go to his home. Everyone will be moved by this movie and we can now say that there is a great survival drama in Indian cinema too. A few attempts were made in this genre but ‘The Goat Life’ is a diamond that should be celebrated. It is a wonder if you have the heart to enjoy such a movie. We don’t feel that it is fictional cinema as we see a person’s story happening in front of our eyes. The feeling we get while seeing Najeeb and his personal struggle is inexplicable. The major warning to everyone is that people who want regular entertainer should stay away from this movie. It is a movie filled with sorrows, tears, hope and angst. We cry for a few scenes and some people cannot bear to see the struggle of the protagonist.

He starts with the hero getting conned and deceived and then starts going back and forth by showing present and past lives. The shot were he shows the hero struggling for a glass of water and how he used to live happily in the seashore despite not having any money at time is very impactful. He even shows how the lack of interaction with people can turn a person and Prithviraj did a brilliant job in showcasing it in a realistic manner. The director’s poetic touch can be seen in the hero-heroine son. The minute detailing is wonderful and there are many scenes that have an indirect symbolism and deeper meaning. The first half moves on a quicker note while the second half tests your patience a bit. There is nothing wrong in that as the hero is seen travelling through the dessert in the second half. The intensity is maintained throughout and it is tough to see those sorrows at times. The ending scenes are very emotional and touches your heart. Everyone may not like it but ‘Goat Life’ is magical for people who can enjoy such movies.


What should we say about Prithviraj Sukumaran? We get surprised seeing him in this character. We wonder if he is the same Varadharaja Mannar from ‘Salaar’ or not. It is quite hard to believe that a big star like him accepted this movie. Only a person with a limitless passion for acting can take up such roles. Despite working on various films, he managed to stay in this character for so long and maintain the same mood throughout the shooting stage which is extraordinary. The makeup looks so natural and Prithviraj’s nuanced acting showcased the change in body language over time. He even showed aging through his voice modulation. He should be saluted for his dedication and he deserves a lot of awards for this movie. Amala Paul is good in her role. The two actors who travel along with the protagonist have also done a fantastic job. The rest of the actor were apt in their roles.


AR Rahman is not in great form lately but he showcased why he is one of the greatest composers ever through this movie. His background score for ‘Goat Life’ is wonderful and squeezes your heart with his music. He played a vital role in taking the emotions to the next level. Though the songs are not that catchy, his re-recording makes sure that he showcases his standard to everyone. We get a feeling that this is an international film that we are witnessing in front of us. The camera work is brilliant and the production values are splendid. Director Blessy made sure that his dream project was made in the way he wanted without any compromises. His work is seen on screen. His craft in making a three-hour movie out of this thin storyline showcases his caliber. This is a director’s film from start to end.

Verdict: ‘The Goat Life: An Experience That Should Be Witnessed!

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