Gudivada Amaranath to shock Avanthi Srinivas in YCP?

From Visakhapatnam, Avanthi Srinivas is the only Minister in Andhra Pradesh and basically he is one of the luckiest persons in AP politics. Coming to his history, Avanthi made his political entry from Praja Rajyam Party in 2009 and even won as an MLA. When PRP was merged in Congress, he enjoyed Power.

Later, in 2014 he jumped to TDP and won from Anakapalli constituency. Due to his differences with Ganta, he shifted his base to YSRCP and got ministry in a grand fashion. His entire political journey is a grand success and there are speculations that he may be continued as the minister by Jagan even after his 2 and a half-term gets completed.

While Avanthi is in the same mood, here comes Gudivada Amarnath who is the toughest competitor to Avanthi for the ministry. In 2014, Amarnath got the MP ticket from Anakapalli and lost but was proven as the loyal YCP member and the closest acquaintance to Jagan Mohan Reddy.

He belongs to the Kapu community and has an enormous following in his region. For the past 30 years, his family has been in active politics in Gudivada region. Even Amarnath was elected from Anakapalli, he still resides in Gudivada. Word is out that Jagan guaranteed his Ministry in the next term which will come out as a shock to Avanthi.

So, whom do you think Jagan considers to be a part of his ministry?

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