Pawan Kalyan reacts to Bhimavaram MLAs comments

Bhimavaram MLA Grandhi Srinivas recently made some derogatory comments against Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan, on a very personal level. reacting to these comments, Pawan Kalyan said that Srinivas is a local goon and a man who’s made his living out of robbing banks and that nothing better can be expected from someone like him.

Pawan also said that he is very well aware of how to tackle such attacks and that no one would keep quiet if any physical attacks will be attempted. Pawan released a video on Friday and requested DGP Gautam Sawang to take serious action against Srinivas. Pawan went on to say that there’s no one who would readily show their second cheek to be slapped on if they’re slapped on one and that any attacks on them could lead to a severe disruption of peace in the state.

Pawan criticised how the law of atrocities against dalits was being used against their own community, with several such cases being filed on people belonging to the Dalit community. He said that he would personally file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission if such a thing happens again. Pawan said that it is not lawful to go against the Dalits, who are to be saved by the law.

On the other hand, Paawan asked Jana Sena supporters to not react to any comments made by Srinivas or anyone else against him or Jana Sena, as they are like dogs. Pawan said that it is the nature of dogs to bark at us, and while some dogs might even bite us, humans do not bite them back. Pawan reminded that humans usually make a phone call for the municipality van to come and take the dogs away and that this is exactly what will be done now. Pawan said that lawful action will be taken against the perpetrators and that everyone should be patient until then.

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