Online Ticket idea was proposed by Industry Bigwigs: Perni Nani!

The YSRCP government in Andhra Pradesh had earlier issued an order saying that a portal would be started that will enable the state government to sell the movie tickets in multiplexes and other theatres across the state. However, the bigwigs in the industry are yet to break their silence on the tickets portal.

While the response from the Tollywood personalities on the portal is awaited, the opposition parties are targeting the government on the Online Movie tickets row. They are saying that no government in the state had earlier brought such rules that would impact the film industry.

Amid the controversy, Andhra Pradesh Transport and I&PR Minister Perni Nani held a press meeting today to give clarity on the tickets’ row. The Minister said the new order was issued based on the proposal put up by the bigwigs in the industry.

“The Government has found out that tax evasion is taking place in the industry. We are aimed at bringing transparency in selling ticket fares. The movie tickets should be sold for the prices fixed by the government and there is no change in it. The government is aiming to help the public with the ticket prices,” Perni Nani said in the press meet.

Hitting back at the opposition Telugu Desam Party(TDP) for targeting the government over the online ticket row, Perni Nani said that the idea to sell the tickets online was first brought up by the previous government and mentioned that The Telugu Film Chamber had also given its nod for the proposal.

The opposition parties in the state are busy creating controversies for every decision the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister takes. The bigwigs in the industry will meet the Chief Minister on this issue soon. The meeting was supposed to be held in August and the meeting will be held soon.

The government is focusing on addressing the issue and sorting out the issue at the earliest. For the same, the meeting between the Chief Minister and the bigwigs in the industry would take place, the Minister added.

While Tollywood heroes didn’t give their opinion on the row of the online ticket, Kollywood hero Vishal had welcomed the move and said such portal should be brought into Tamil industry too.

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