Is the Manchu Lady joining the BJP?

One filmi family that never disappoints the media is the Manchu family. The family is in the news all the time for some reason or the other. It’s not just their films and their personal lives that make the news. Even their political choices make news in the Telugu states. The latest Manchu family member to make news is the already newsworthy Manchu Lakshmi.

The buzz is that Manchu Lakshmi got a call from the Prime Minister’s Office and that she has gone to Delhi to meet the officials. The Manchu lady tweeted that the Delhi vibes were wonderful. This tweet of hers added grist to the rumour mill with pundits suspecting that Manchu lady was offered an MP ticket to contest from one of the two Telugu states.

In fact, Lakshmi has good relations with Narendra Modi. During the 2014 election campaign, she organised a meeting of film personalities with Modi in Hyderabad’s Park Hyatt. Later too, she met Modi a couple of times. While nothing has been confirmed so far, the buzz is refusing to die.

If this happens, almost every member of the Manchu family is in a different political party. Dad Mohan Babu had been in and out of the TDP and was a Rajya Sabha member for a term. Now, he is with the YSRCP. Manchu Vishnu is married to Veronica, who belongs to the YSRCP family. Manchu Manoj is married to a girl from Bhuma family, which is in the TDP. If Manchu Lakshmi joins the BJP, then the family has someone from almost every major party.

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