Did the Jr NTR Movement Started In TDP?

Many say that a new movement has started in the TDP and the movement is dubbed as Junior NTR movement. People might wonder what JR NTR has to politics as he has been keeping his distance. We have to look into the issue of why NTR is being talked about at this crucial juncture.

Everyone knows that the Telugu Desam Party was floated by senior NTR who is the flagbearer of the Nandamuri family. He ventured into politics and shined with his glamour and passion to serve the people. After the TDP went into the hands of Chandrababu, there is no glamour for TDP and Chandrababu has been running the party with his glamour.

However, Chandrababu is in prison now. There is a lack of leadership and navigation. Now it is said that TDP sympathisers are thinking the party can only sustain if Jr NTR joins the party. A discussion is said to be going on among the young TDP leaders on this.

Chandrababu has been arrested already. Many say that the chances of coming out are very low if Lokesh also gets arrested. Young TDP leaders are alleging that efforts are being made to see that Chandrababu remains in prison by filing one after the other case.

It is said that many think, Brahmani might not be allowed to come out even if she is made the chief. On the other hand, there is another version that says that by the time Brahmani starts her work, it will be too late. The party activists and young leaders are said to be thinking that saving TDP is more important than Chandrababu’s political legacy.

They reportedly think that, rather than giving the responsibility to others, it would be good to give the responsibility to Jr NTR. They hope that TDP will have any issues for at least 30 years if Jr NTR takes the responsibility.

The young TDP cadre in the villages strongly thinks that the party can sustain only if Jr NTR comes. They are also seeing this as a serious analysis. Many say that instead of focusing only on the Nara family and damaging the party, TDP will fly high if the responsibility is given to Jr NTR, the Nandamuri scion.

The seniors in the party might be keeping the truth aside on the issue due to their ties with Chief Chandrababu. But the same is not the case with youth and they want the party to become strong. They are saying that NTR should come forward.

On the other hand, there is no change in the image despite Lokesh’s padayatra. Chandrababu’s age is also a question here. The hardcore activists ask how long the party can be saved by getting help from other parties. They are also mentioning that NTR took the party towards victory for three terms.

They are also that the same legacy is possible with only NTR Jr. The supporters also say that there will be a big josh if the responsibility is given to NTR and there is no other leader to lock horns with a strong party like YCP. The demand to invite NTR has become a movement. But we have to see what reaction will come from NTR. There is also a debate on what would happen with TDP which is run by the Nara family.

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