Russia’s Pacific Fleet starts military exercises

Vladivostok, June 18 (IANS) Russia’s Pacific Fleet began deploying its forces as part of the exercises scheduled to take place from June 18 to 28, local media reported on Tuesday.

“The Pacific Fleet forces have initiated the deployment from their base locations to designated areas within the planned bilateral exercise, which will take place on June 18-28 in the Pacific Ocean, in seas of Japan and Okhotsk under the general management of the Pacific Fleet Commander Admiral Viktor Liina,” the fleet’s press service was quoted by TASS news agency as saying.

The drills will involve around 40 ships and vessels. Some 20 aircraft and helicopters of naval aviation, including Tu-142M3, Il-38, and Il-38N aircraft, Ka-29, and Ka-27 helicopters, will be part of the anti-submarine and search-and-rescue operations. Marine units and the Bal and Bastion coastal missile systems will also be in the maneuvers, reports Xinhua news agency.

For the first time, this year’s exercises will take the form of bilateral operations, involving the Primorye Flotilla of diverse forces and the unified command of the troops and forces in the northeast of Russia.

“Throughout various phases, the sailors will practice anti-submarine warfare, the organization of all types of defense for ship detachments during sea crossings, the execution of joint missile strikes against mock enemy ship groups, and drills to repel attacks by drones and unmanned boats,” the press service added.

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