‘Nindha’ Movie Review

Cast: Varun Sandesh, Annie, Bhadram, Tanikella Bharan, Surya Kumar, Chatrapathi Sekhar, Mime Madhu, Siddharth Gollapudi, Shreya Rani, Aeun Dalal and others.
Directed by: Rajesh Jagannadham
Produced by: Rajesh Jagannadham
Music by: Santhu Omkar
Release Date: 21/06/2024
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'Nindha' Movie Review

Varun Sandesh who impressed us with his love entertainers from a long time as tried something different with ‘Nindha’. It is a crime investigative thriller and the trailer impressed the audience a lot. With a decent buzz, the movie came out in theatres and let us find out how it is.


Vivek (Varun Sandesh) is a Human Rights Commission officer. He tries to bring peace to his dad who retired as a judge and decides to look into the case of Balaraju (Chatrapathi Sekhar). He is sent to the prison and was given a life sentence after being accused of rape and murder. How Vivek solves this case? What actually happened? How did the girl actually die? Who was behind all this? Answers to these questions form the rest of the story.


It is not easy to make crime investigative thrillers these days. The public are getting exposed to a lot of such movies through OTT platforms. They are watching movies and series of this genre starting from English and Spanish to Kannada and Malayalam. Also, they are quick to point it out when there is a similarity between the movies. The director took a challenging task with ‘Nindha’ and he was partly successful with it.

The movie starts on a very interesting note and the audience get curious to know what is actually happening. You get a feeling of watching Bigg Boss but with a more violent touch. The introductions of characters and setting up the premise is quite ably done but things start to slow down once the flashback portions begin. There are a few logics which went for a toss completely like Varun having a mask at the start only to show himself in the second half. The back-and-forth narration is used which leaves the viewers with mixed feelings as the movie goes nowhere.

Whilst ‘Nindha’ has a crisp runtime, good performances and a decent story, the narration is inconsistent. The movie would have worked wonders if the first half was a bit better and twists would have been more surprising. On the whole, ‘Nindha’ is a decent film which you can give it a try this weekend.


Varun Sandesh played his role quite capably. He pulled off a serious role and was the right choice. His controlled acting was good and he showed his experience in many scenes. He might get more serious roles after this film. Tanikella Bharani was decent as his father.

Despite his limited screen time, he left a mark. Annie was a surprise package and did a very good job. Bhadram tried to bring in a few laughs. Chaptrapathi Sekhar is quite convincing in this character. The rest of the artists were apt for their roles.


‘Nindha’ delivers on the technical front. The cinematography is fine as the visuals set the tone perfectly. The close frames worked brilliantly. The production designing is amazing as well. The movie mostly happens in closed spaces and the set work is done in a proper manner. The background score works big time. Though it is a bit loud in places, it elevates the proceedings and the songs too fit perfectly into the narration. The editing could have been better, especially in the first half. The producers made it on a limited budget and it is quite visible.

Director Rajesh Jagannadham showed sparks of brilliance. He picked up a decent story and tried to narrate it in an interesting manner. The pace was a bit slow in the first half and twists are a bit predictable. Nonetheless, he made a decent thriller that has its flaws but manages to engage you throughout.

Verdict: ‘Nindha’ – A Passable Investigative Thriller!

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