Countering Corona: Villagers more alert than urbanites!

It is a common perception that the people in cities and towns are more educated than those in the villages and have more access to information from all parts of the country and the world on any issue.

It is also believed that the urbanites are socially more conscious and have more awareness on any serious issue than the rural people. But when it came to tackling Coronavirus menace, this was proved wrong.

In several villages, the people in the rural areas have understood the seriousness of Coronavirus scare quicker than their urban counterparts, who are still not able learn a lesson on maintaining social distancing.

The people of several parts of Telangana are strictly following self-isolation and remaining indoors to combat coronavirus, while people in Hyderabad and other towns and cities chose to ignore the lockdown guidelines issued by the government.

Reports from various villages in Nalgonda, Warangal, Nizamabad, Mahabubabad, Mahabubnagar, Adilabad, Khammam revealed that the villagers have set up barricades using boulders, tree branches and thorny bushes to keep away outsiders from entering their villages.

Some also placed boards at the entry of their villages advising non-residents to stay away as a way to check spread of the deadly coronavirus. They have higher awareness levels than the urbanites about Coronavirus and its seriousness.

A villager said the government is doing everything to fight coronavirus and the people in the villages have decided to play their part by cooperating with the administration.

“We decided to follow all the guidelines issued by the government, be it on the issue of lockdown or precautionary measures. We also decided to cooperate with the health officials when they seek information from us,” a villager from Suryapet said.

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