Venkatesh To Follow Ironman Actor Kind Of A Deal!?

Daggubati Venkatesh has become Victory Venkatesh of Telugu Cinema with his consistent efforts. He has been part of the Industry from last 33 years and after almost 15 years, he scored a hit that increases his stake in the eyes of producers.His films have been limited to 19-25 crores range market after Tulasi till F2. The movie collected 80 crores share and the stock price of Venkatesh raised high.

The actor and his producer brother, Suresh Babu have carefully thought over and decided that the actor will take Robert Downey Jr. Ironman actor from Avengers EndGame kind of a deal from here on.The actor takes a base price as remuneration and then asks for a percentage in profits. This helped him earn 75 million USD as total remuneration.

He took a base price of 10 Million USD and rest is his stake in the profit Avengers movie made. After him, several Hollywood actors are following the similar fashion deals and they are stars who are taking outright amounts as remuneration too. Aamir Khan, if he is not producing the film, he takes similar deal and Shah Ring Khan becomes one of the producers. This way, they increase their take away from the film than they normally get.

So, Venkatesh is waiting for Venky Mana result to bring this deal into action and Suresh Babu to sweeten the deal further could offer his distribution to producers also, it seems.This way, if any future Venkatesh film becomes such huge success their cut from the pie won’t be limited to a small piece. Clever planning, we must say!

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