Saaho: Prabhas Wants To Try This

‘Baahubali’ Prabhas is leaving no stone unturned to make sure that his next release ‘Saaho’ will become another biggest milestone in his career. While the visuals of this film, which are shown in making videos and teasers, are already promising a thrilling treat, the hero is doing one more feat.

Currently, Prabhas is said to be getting tutored for six hours a day, as he’s practising the Hindi language every day. Apparently, he wants to dub for himself at any cost such that people would get connected to his voice as well. During Baahubali time, popular actor Sharad Kelkar who appeared as a villain in Sardar Gabbar Singh actually dubbed lines for Prabhas.

This time Prabhas will be dubbing his lines himself and want the Hindi version presenters to take a call if they will keep or not. If they don’t like his voice, they may go for Sharad Kelkar’s voice again anyway. However, it will be an emotional high for Telugu fans if Prabahs dubs in Hindi and clicks with that, isn’t it?

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