Pic Talk: Malavika rocking in a pair of hot shorts!

Its summer and actress Malavika Sharma is raising the temperature a bit higher with her new camouflage shorts photoshoot. She pulled off the look with ease and is looking like a Persian doll.

With her amazing new pictures, Malavika captioned them with – ”She is too chubby, she needs to lose weight. She is too skinny, she needs to eat a burger. No, You’re too judgemental and you need to stop that shit. I didn’t upload my recent pictures for a long time because I was getting so many hate messages because I gained weight. Here it is… I love my body the way it is… I used to slay as a skinny girl and I am still slaying as a curvy girl Being skinny is ok. Not being skinny is ok. Having curves is ok. Not having curves is ok Bashing someone for their body type is not ok”.

Looks like the actress is irked by body-shaming behaviours and is preaching on how not to be judgmental on beauty ideals. Of course, Malavika is right and we agree to her views. With her perfect body, she also rocked impeccable hair bangs which well-suited her face structure. She is seen wearing a black top, flaunting her cleavage.

Nevertheless, her overall attire did a fantatic job complimenting her figure and of coure, we love it. With 491k followers on Instagram, Malavika is leaving her fans spellbound.

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