Weekly Rasi Phalalu July 15th – July 21st 2018

Weekly Rasi Phalalu July 15th – July 21st 2018

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Chiranjeevi: I felt happy when Sai Pallavi rejected Bhola Shankar

September 20, 2021

Megastar Chiranjeevi was at his candid best as he spoke at the pre release event of Love Story which was held the other day. He came up with a lengthy speech that had multiple attention-grabbing aspects. Speaking about Sai Pallavi, who is playing the lead role in Love Story was recently approached for one of the lead roles in Bhola Shankar, the Telugu remake of Vedhalam, starring Chiranjeevi in the lead role. He then came up with a series of intriguing comments.

“The team of Bhola Shankar first approached Sai Pallavi for one of the lead roles in the film. She was approached to play my sister in the film. But I was strongly hoping that she would reject the role. Much to my delight Sai Pallavi rejected the film. Wonder why I was delighted when Sai Pallavi rejected the role? Well, I do have a strong reason to back my statement. Sai Pallavi is an excellent dancer. Why would I want a talented dancer like her to play my sister? I would really love it if I can dance alongside her. How can I dance with her if she plays my sister? That is the reason why I was hoping she would reject Bhola Shankar. I am happy that she didn’t accept Bhola Shankar offer. In the future, I would love to share the dance floor with Sai Pallavi in the future,” Chiru said.

Responding to Chiranjeevi’s statement, Sai Pallavi came up with an interesting comment. “Chiranjeevi sir, the only reason why I declined that offer is that I always have a dilemma about remakes. That is the only reason why I couldn’t come on board for the project. I would really love to share the screen with you in the future. Please provide me with the opportunity to work with you in one of your next film.” Chiranjeevi readily obliged to Sai Pallavi’s request and agreed to give her a role in one of his upcoming films. It remains to be seen if Chiranjeevi and Sai Pallavi would be sharing the screen space in the near future. It would most certainly be an interesting pair to watch on the screens.