Viraj’s ‘Jorugaa Husharugaa’ Trending In Top10 On Prime!

Following his success in “Baby,” actor Viraj Ashwin returns with a lighthearted and fun-filled film, “Jorugaa Husharugaa,” now available on Prime Video. Released in theaters on December 15th, the movie has garnered positive reception and is currently trending in the platform’s Top 10.

Viraj Ashwin plays a relatable “boy-next-door” character working in an office and navigating a romance with his colleague. The narrative unfolds amidst various family dynamics, with veteran actors Sai Kumar and Rohini portraying strong roles as his parents. Madhunandan adds comedic moments, while Siri Hanumantu embodies the role of an urban girl.

Brahmaji, Chammak Chandra, and others contribute to the film’s humor, creating a well-rounded ensemble cast. Director Anu Prasad delivers a youthful and entertaining experience, supported by music director Praneeth and editor Marthand K Venkatesh.

Several factors contribute to “Jorugaa Husharugaa”‘s current success on Prime Video:

Viraj Ashwin’s energetic performance: His portrayal of the lead character resonates with audiences.
Strong lead pair chemistry: The on-screen connection between Viraj and Pooja Ponnada adds charm to the story.
Humor and heartfelt moments: The film seamlessly blends funny scenes with emotional moments, creating a captivating experience.
Call to Action:

For those who missed it in theaters, “Jorugaa Husharugaa” is now available for viewing on Prime Video. This family-friendly entertainer is sure to bring a smile to your face and offer a delightful weekend watch.

This write-up avoids subjective statements and focuses on providing factual information about the film’s plot, cast, critical reception, and current availability on Prime Video. It strives to offer a neutral and balanced perspective on the movie’s appeal and encourages viewers to make their own judgment about watching it.

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