TRS and KCR’s ‘future’ in the hands of Harish!

T Harish Rao is being known as the ‘trouble shooter’ in TRS all these days. But now he has evolved as someone who could decide the ‘fate’ of TRS and also it’s founder president and CM K.Chandrasekhar Rao.

KCR is facing the toughest political battle of his lifetime in Gajwel seat in the ongoing Assembly polls.

Mahakutami candidate Vanteru Prathap Reddy, who moved from TDP and Congress, has been giving sleepless nights to KCR.

In 2014, KCR could win with much difficulty with just 19,000 majority in Gajwel againt Prathap Reddy. This was possible because of split of votes between TDP and Congress.

But now TDP and Congress came together in the form of Prathap Reddy.

On the other hand, KCR is facing severe anti-incumbency in Gajwel with people upset at KCR not accessible for them since 2014.

The intelligence reports clearly indicated 50-50 chance for KCR and Prathap Reddy in this elections.

KCR, who was shocked at this report, deputed Harish Rao to set right the situation as people no longer believe him.

Harish Rao, who was sidelined in TRS for the past four years to make way for KTR, suddenly got a chance to decide the fate of KCR and also TRS.

Harish Rao enjoys good clout in Gajwel and political observers say it all depends on Harish’s choice whether he wants KCR to win or not.

If Harish wants KCR to lose to teach a fitting lesson to KCR and KTR for all the humiliation he suffered during the last four years, even God also cannot save KCR. If KCR loses, it is no doubt that it will be the end of road for both KCR and TRS in Telangana.

Let’s wait and see what would be the choice of “KCR and TRS fate decider” Harish Rao in Gajwel.

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