Telangana DIG Sumathi Badugula’s granny was champ of women’s education

HYDERABAD: DIG Sumathi Badugula won hearts online after she put up a post on her Facebook page recently, describing how her grandmother’s dream was the driving force behind her becoming an IPS officer.

The post, which gave glimpses of her childhood and education, showed how her grandmother was a champion of women’s education. “My father was the sarpanch of our village for 10 consecutive years. People used to approach my father with their problems, and he served them to the best of his ability. Seeing my father, my grandma used to tell me that ‘if your father can serve so many people being a sarpanch, imagine how much you can do if you become a police officer’. She wanted me to become the SP of our district,” the post said.

Speaking to The New Indian Express, the DIG (Women Safety Wing) said: “My grandmother believed that education was paramount for a woman. At the age of four, I was sent to a convent school to study, so that I could get the best education. Everyone needs mentors at different stages of life. For me, it was my grandmother. Along with education, you also need to have a sturdy value system. Nowadays, people struggle to find a mentor because they pay more attention to celebrities, and do not look for real people.”

In a subsequent post, Sumathi talked about Ramudu Kaka, who taught her that God created everyone equal. “Kaka belonged to a marginalised caste, and untouchability was rampant in our village. He used to make ropes that are used to tie animals. He taught me that everyone must be treated the same way irrespective of caste, religion and gender. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, she said.

“Even though he was not allowed to enter the Shiva temple, he used to sit outside and meditate for hours. He is 94-year-old now, but he came to meet his ‘chittamma’ when I went home this year for Dasara. It was the highlight of my visit. He is the most emancipated soul I have met,” she added.

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