Teja Claims That Rajamouli May Bring Down Dollar Value!

Director Teja claims that the Telugu film industry is in the No.1 positive and is way ahead of Hollywood, Bollywood and Tamil industries in the race. The main reason for that is SS Rajamouli and he said that getting an Oscar for ‘RRR’ is a huge achievement. In a recent interview, Teja lauded Rajamouli who is the main reason for Telugu cinema reaching greater heights.

He said, “A Telugu director and technicians have taken our movie to the international level and won an Oscar. This is why I call Rajamouli as the King of Indian cinema. Due to Rajamouli, the Indian culture is reaching foreign lands. If Rajamouli makes two more films like ‘RRR’, the dollar rate will get dropped.”

He added, “It is because everybody in Indian is looking towards America. Due to the influence of Hollywood cinema, we get a feeling that America is a great country. We are taking a leaf out of its culture. If iPhone gets launched in America, we are buying it. Better phones than iPhones are available in Russia and even Japan. But we don’t encourage their products. We are fascinated by America. With everyone developing a craze for American jobs and products, the dollar rate has grown immensely and the rupee value has reduced drastically. If foreigners start coming to India though our cinema, the exchange value of rupee with increase a lot.”

Teja said that it is the foreigners who showed as slum dogs in the movie which won the Oscars. But Rajamouli showed our culture with a lot pride and presented it in a wonderful way. If this goes on, tourism to India will also increase a lot and our economy will grow too. When asked about whether more filmmakers like Rajamouli will be entering the industry or not, Teja said ‘Yes’. He stated that Rajamouli laid a path and a lot of people will try to follow it. He added that RGV did the same with ‘Shiva’ and Rajamouli will go the same now.

When questioned about the young directors trying to make pan-Indian films directly, he said Rajamouli started as a small director with less budget and grew gradually. Teja claims that reaching such heights instantly is quite tough and they may fall down rapidly. He tells that the graph needs to go higher slowly like Rajamouli’s career.

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