T Govt Keeps A Watch On Those Meeting Etela Rajender

The ruling TRS is keeping a very close watch on the movements of its leaders across the state. It is keeping a tab on all those who are meeting Etela Rajender. The party and the intel personnel of the TRS government are trying to assess the support that Etela Rajender might get if he rebels against KCR.

The intel sources were alerted when Karimnagar former ZP chief Tula Uma met Etela Rajender on Monday night. She went over to Etela’s house at around 11.30 and remained closeted with him for over half-hour. However, she later denied that she has met him. She said Etela’s wife was her personal friend and she had met her.

Meanwhile, some Mudiraj organisations from Nizamabad are voicing their opposition to the ouster of Etela. But, they are mainly non-political. No Mudiraj politician has spoken in favour of Etela so far. Even in Adilabad, no leader worth the salt in TRS came out openly in Etela’s support. Though there are dissident leaders in Adilabad, they are not opening up. They are in the wait and watch mode.

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