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Young Telugu actress opens up about marriage

April 11, 2021

Sunainaa, a young Telugu actress is a known face to Tamil audiences as she is more proactive in the Tamil film industry.

Sunainaa will soon be seen in a Telugu film titled Raja Raja Chola, which stars Sree Vishnu in the lead role. She is hoping this film would boost her Tollywood career.

Of late, there have been rumors that Sunainaa has found her better half and she would be getting married very soon.

However, Sunainaa has taken it upon herself to put an end to these rumors.

“I am in no mood to get married just yet. It is not even on cards for now. I am fully focused on my action career,” she said.

Sunainaa enjoys a good following on social media. She will have the nativity factor going her way as she enters Tollywood with Raja Raja Chola.