Sundeep Kishan to help children who lost parents due to Covid

The second wave of coronavirus has left many children orphaned. This indeed a tough phase for crores of underprivileged people as they fight not only with the virus but also with poverty.

Amid these trying times, some people with generous heart are stepping forward to help as many as possible. Now, actor Sundeep Kishan has announced that he and his team are ready to help such kids for the next couple of years.

The A1 Express actor said in a statement, “If you know of any children who unfortunately lost their families due to COVID during these challenging times… Please pass on their information to the email ID mentioned team & I will do our best within our capacity to take care of as many children’s food and education for the next couple of years…These are testing times and it’s very important to stand by each other as Human Beings first. stay home, stay safe, and please try to do whatever you can to help the surrounding people.”

By making such a generous act, Sundeep Kishan has proved that he is not only a hero on screen but also in real life. Let us hope other actors in the industry may inspire by Sundeep and make their contribution to help each other in this time of crisis.

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