Stellar Female Cast Gets Onboard For ‘Vishwambhara’!

Epic Production Underway: Megastar Chiranjeevi is leading the charge in the highly anticipated fantasy film “Vishwambhara,” directed by Vassishtha. Filming commenced in early 2024 and has progressed steadily, with the team aiming for a release date of January 10th, 2025.

A Strong Female Ensemble: The addition of Ashika Ranganath to the cast solidifies “Vishwambhara’s” impressive female contingent. Senior actress Trisha Krishnan takes the lead, with reports suggesting a captivating double role for her. Esha Chawla and Surbhi will portray Chiranjeevi’s sisters, while Ashika Ranganath is confirmed for a significant full-length role. The beautiful Meenakshi Chaudhary rounds out the cast, with all actresses reportedly playing pivotal characters.

Genre and Budget: “Vishwambhara” blends social and fantasy elements, incorporating mythological themes. Director Vassishtha Mallidi exudes confidence in the film’s content, backed by a substantial budget currently estimated at ₹200 crores.

Production Powerhouse Behind the Scenes: UV Creations, a renowned production house, is bankrolling “Vishwambhara” in grand style. Acclaimed music composer MM Keeravani brings his talent to the project, while the skilled Chota K Naidu handles cinematography.

VFX Preparations and Release Strategy: With an ambitious post-production schedule, the team aims to wrap up filming by July’s end. This allows ample time for the crucial VFX and CG work, ensuring top-notch quality. The dedicated unit is committed to delivering a visually stunning cinematic experience for audiences.

A highly anticipated project boasting a stellar cast, a captivating storyline, and a grand production scale, “Vishwambhara” is poised to be a major cinematic event in 2025.

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