Sridevi Drama Company – 24th Sep with Rashmi, Aadi, Ramprasad

Show/Serial:Sridevi Drama Company
Starring:Sudigali Sudheer , Aadi, Nookaraju, sudhakar, ram prasad
Channel:ETV Telugu

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Sridevi Drama Company

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Mega Fans Blaming Shankar For Everything!

September 25, 2023

Legendary filmmaker Shankar Shanmugam is known for taking his time when making movies. His films are made on massive budgets and he is famous for keeping the storyline a secret without revealing much. While it is good for the film, fans who constantly frustrate the production houses for updates are finding this secrecy annoying.

As we know, he is working with Ram Charan on a political drama titled ‘Game Changer’. Barring the title, the makers did not reveal anything which is frustrating the fans as it has been more than 18 months since ‘RRR’ came out. Also, Shankar working on ‘Indian 2’ and ‘Game Changer’ simultaneously is making the fans quite unhappy. Many blame him for all the delays ‘Game Changer’ is going through.

Though he is not the only reason, Mega fans are blaming him for everything. Recently, a schedule was supposed to start in Hyderabad but was postponed as Charan made a minor injury and reportedly expressed his inability to take part in the production. Mega fans are blaming Shankar for this too. While it is true that Shankar is taking more time for shooting than everyone expected, Charan too delayed the shootings at times for ‘RRR’ promotional tours abroad, his childbirth and for other reasons.

As per reports, the new schedule will start from 6th October and Shankar is aiming to release this film in the summer of 2024. Dil Raju is the producer while Thaman is the music composer. Kiara Advani is the heroine while SJ Suryah, Srikanth, Anjali, Sunil and others are acting in this pan-Indian movie.