Siddhu Jonnalagadda Hints at a Supercharged Future for the “Tillu” Franchise

Siddhu Jonnalagadda, riding high on the record-breaking success of “Tillu Square,” has sent a jolt of excitement through the franchise’s fanbase. The sequel, following the footsteps of the blockbuster “DJ Tillu,” is on track to surpass a global collection of ₹100 crores within a mere four days.

While audiences continue to flock to theaters for “Tillu Square,” Jonnalagadda has already sparked anticipation for the next chapter – “Tillu Cube.”

Jonnalagadda, in a recent interview, hinted at a potentially surprising turn for the titular character, Tillu.
He expressed a willingness to explore uncharted territory for Tillu’s narrative, even proposing a superhero transformation!

This would mark a radical departure from the relatable “common man” persona that Tillu has embodied so far, often entangled in the complexities of relationships.
Jonnalagadda’s comments suggest a desire to reinvent Tillu and present a refreshing perspective to audiences in the upcoming films.

Meanwhile, “Tillu Square” maintains its box office dominance, exceeding expectations with a phenomenal worldwide gross collection of ₹78 crores over the opening weekend.
The film has garnered critical acclaim alongside audience adoration, solidifying the “Tillu” franchise’s position for continued success.

With the possibility of a superhero Tillu emerging in “Tillu Cube,” fans are eagerly waiting to witness the future trajectory of this beloved character.
Jonnalagadda’s willingness to experiment injects a dose of intrigue and compels audiences to speculate about the possibilities that lie ahead for Tillu and the franchise.

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