Saradaga Kasepu Comedy Serial – 7th Feb

Serial Name: Saradaga Kasepu
Channel:ETV Plus

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Saradaga Kasepu

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E172- Part1 : Part2 OrClick Here-7th Feb
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Recent Random Post:

Which Cinematic Universe Are You The Most Excited For?

January 31, 2023

We hear a lot about Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Cinematic Universe in Hollywood. The two production houses have their own set of superheroes who often create and shatter records at the box office. In Bollywood, we have Rohit Shetty cop universe where he gave birth to three reel life police officers Singham, Simmba and Sooryavanshi.

Now a lot of directors are coming up with various cinematic universes. Young director Prasanth Varma who impressed everyone with his movies like ‘Awe!’, ‘Kalki’ and ‘Zombie Reddy’ is developing this own universe where he is creating his own superheroes. He already released the teaser of ‘Hanu-Man’ which is amazing. Teja Sajja is the hero in it. He introduced another superhero named ‘Adhira’ as well and it is being portrayed by debutant Kalyan Dasari. He has the ability to generate electric energy right from his childhood. Like every other superhero, he is there to destroy bad evil and protect the innocent. He is planning to introduce more superheroes too.

Similarly, Sailesh Kolanu has come up with ‘HIT’ universe. The ‘HIT’ movies revolve around a serious case and its investigation without beating around the bush. They are gripping investigation dramas with crisp runtime and a lot of detailing. Vishwak Sen was the hero in the first part while Adivi Sesh did the lead role in the second. They already announced ‘HIT 3’ with Natural star Nani as the lead. The makers promised that it will continue further.

There is the most prominent ‘Lokesh Cinematic Universe’ (LCU). Lokesh created a separate universe where his lead characters meet each other at some point. He links one story to another in a very convincing manner and prime example of it is ‘Khaidi’ and ‘Vikram’. At the end of ‘Vikram’, Lokesh hinted at Karthi’s involvement in ‘Vikram 2’. Also, Suriya has been introduced as the powerful villain Rolex at the very end and fans cannot wait to see his face off with Vikram played by Kamal Hassan in the next part. There is a talk that his upcoming project ‘Thalapathy67’ is also going to be a part of this universe.

There is a talk going on that Prasanth Neel is also planning ‘KGF’ universe where his heroes from movies like ‘Salaar’ and #NTR31 will meet each other in the future. Nothing has been confirmed yet.

Apart from these, there is ‘YRF Spy Universe’. Renowned production banner YRF Studios have produced some super hit spy thrillers over the years. They made ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ with Salman Khan back in 2012 which was a blockbuster. The movie had a sequel named ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ which earned more than 300 crores. Now, ‘Tiger 3’ is in the making. The character of ‘Tiger’ is iconic and he recently made a guest appearance in SRK’s recent spy thriller ‘Pathaan’. As we know, ‘War’ which had Hrithik Roshan in the lead was produced by YRF too. They are making another movie named ‘Fighter’ too which has Hrithik in the lead once again. The YRF officials have confirmed that Tiger, Pathaan and Kabir will often make appearances in each other’s story.

With all these cinematic universes getting readied, which one are you the most excited about?