Saradaga Kasepu Comedy Serial – 7th Feb

Serial Name: Saradaga Kasepu
Channel:ETV Plus

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Saradaga Kasepu

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Latest Episode:

E172- Part1 : Part2 OrClick Here-7th Feb
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Recent Random Post:

Dethadi Harika’s Fake Elimination: What Is The Plan Of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Makers

September 21, 2020

With each passing day, Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is taking new twists and turns. Nagarjuna expressed his happiness as the reality show received the highest TRP ratings when compared to the other seasons.

In the second week, Karate Kalyani walked out of the show. Nagarjuna created tension not only amongst the housemates but also among the audiences by announcing ‘Double Elimination’. Finally, he cheered up everyone with the fake elimination. Dethadi Harika faced the fake elimination.

According to the sources, the actual plan of the Bigg Boss was to eliminate Harika and to keep her in the secret room but later, the show organisers are believed to have changed the strategy. Harika garnered more votes than Amma Rajasekhar, Kumar and Sohel.

This could be one of the reasons for Harika not sending to the secret room. We are not sure about it but an official confirmation regarding the same is awaited.

Dethadi Harika is one of the strongest contestants in the house. She got extremely popular amongst the Telugu audience with a Youtube channel and enjoys a good fan following. Her fans are continuously supporting her and praying that she should reach the finals.