Saradaga Kasepu Comedy Serial – 7th Feb

Serial Name: Saradaga Kasepu
Channel:ETV Plus

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Saradaga Kasepu

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E172- Part1 : Part2 OrClick Here-7th Feb
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Recent Random Post:

Anasuya reacts to Kota’s comments about her ‘skin show’

October 18, 2021

Kota Srinivasa Rao, who is known for his controversial remarks on his fellow Telugu actors has made a similar comment on Anasuya. He said Anasuya is a very good actor and performer but she should focus on her dressing style and stop all the skin show. As one would expect, Anasuya has reacted to Kota’s comments with equal vigour and she has a point to make as well.

“So let me just clear the mist for you guys..all those who’ve been talking about what women should wear in the past or now..are only so weak & polluted in their heads that rather than teaching themselves to guide/control their sexual feelings or not fuelling their male chauvinism.. they imposed/impose these mindless dress codes on women.. they slut shame women to cover their himbo thoughts.. I want to believe today’s men are much more logical and brave and sensible and righteous .. please prove me right,” Anasuya tweeted.

Adding further, Anasuya tweeted “Peddarikam chinnarikam anevi vayasu to kadandi.. anubhavam to .. conduct cheskune vidhanamlo untundi.. aayanante oka actor ga chala respect naku Folded hands vibhinnamaina paatralu chala adbhutanga abhinayincharu.. kani as a person aayna comments are just very low and unnecessary.. Ante pedda vaallu chinna vaallu evvaru padite vaallu edi padite adi nannu anochu.. nenu okamate tirigu jaeabu iste maatram “papam musalayana.. papam peddayana.. papam chinnavadu.. papam edo telika.. scene cheyakandi” lanti reactions aa andi na pai?? enta anyayam andi idi?! Ante oka trash laaga padali kani aa trash mee pai padakudadu.. antena?? Wow.”

The actress didn’t stop at that. She went on to say “Abbailu kuda ala ekkada padite akkada edi padite adi cheyakudadandi.. deenne civilized behaviour antaru Folded hands Andaram equal ga behave cheste ila abbailu edaina cheyochu ammailu cheyakudadu ane amsaanni normalise cheyakunda unna vaallam autam.. future ni better chese vaallam autam. Ayyo.. idela undante andi “mee abbai chala baaga chaduvutunnadu.. class ki regular ga vastadu,. Andariki help chestadu.. kani ala red colour sleeveless shirt veskodam naku nachaledandi.. anduke marks takkuvichamu” annattu .. idi mechukunnatta??”

Anasuya’s all out attack on Kota and netizens who are making derogatory comments on her is garnering a good reception from netizens.