Saadhana Daily Serial – E297 – 31st Jan

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Today’s Episode:

E296- Part1 : Part2 -31st Jan

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Recent Random Post:

‘Sab Farzi’ Video: Shahid Stealing The Show Completely!

January 26, 2023

Shahid Kapoor is doing a web series that has been created by Raj & DK. It has been titled ‘Farzi’ and Vijay Sethupathi is also playing the other lead making things even more interesting. The trailer which came out before Pongal received a massive response and everyone is eagerly waiting for this much-hyped web-series.

The Amazon Prime Video team released ‘Sab Farzi’ song which is a promotional song where we can see Shahid making huge money out of printing duplicate currency and runs a huge market for that. He becomes very big and it is when Vijay Sethupathi who works with the Border Protection Force takes up this case. Sethupathi’s character is quite ruthless and what happens when they cross paths forms the rest of the series.

The song is quite catchy but the visuals are very creative. They are presented in a very captivating manner and it definitely raises curiosity over this project. Kay Kay Menon is another big attraction in this series and there is Rashi Khanna too who is playing a key role.

After making a sensational hit web series like ‘Family Man’, the duo of Raj & DK have targeted the gangs which print fake currency. These Telugu filmmakers are surely all set to create another sensation with this series which arrives on 10th February.