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RGV Deyyam Movie Theatrical Trailer | Rajasekhar |

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Kannada actress and former big boss contestant attempts suicide

April 9, 2021

Actress and Kannada big boss 7 former contestant Chaitra Kotturu attempted suicide yesterday by devouring phenyl at her home in Kolar. She was taken to a nearby emergency clinic after she attempted to take her life. Her condition is supposed to be fine now, sources reported.

Chaitra got married to Mandya-based businessman Nagarjuna a couple of days ago, a police official told the media. The entertainer was apparently in relationship with Nagarjuna since few years, a police official said.

The police further added that Chaitra accused her husband of delaying their wedding. The couple got married with the aid of her family members and community leaders at Byatarayanapura Ganapathi temple in the presence of her family. However, groom’s family were unhappy.

Her marriage was terminated as Nagarjuna’s family were unwilling to accept their relationship. The report said that Nagarjuna himself has claimed that he was coerced by certain groups to get hitched despite the fact that he was not interested.

“His family had bad-mouthed me, my job and even issued death threats to me if I did not let him go. So we requested to hold talks in Kolar instead of discussing the issue in public,” she informed the police.

The report also said that Chaitra was allegedly disallowed to enter Nagarjuna’s ancestral house as his family had denied them upfront terming their marriage as ‘invalid’, Karnataka police said.