RGV Attacks GHMC Mayor In New Song Kukkala Mayor!

The Amberpet issue brought the dogs’ menace issue to the discussion again. A small kid passed away in the attack. The ruling party faced severe criticism on the issue. The High Court also held the civic body authorities responsible for this. More than others GHMC Mayor Gadwal Vijayalakshmi became the target of many.

The response of the Mayor did not go well with many and they asked how a responsible person can say this. Not just the common people, but celebrities like Ram Gopal Varma also slammed her. The director even said that the stray dogs should be left in her house so she can understand the problem.

Now the maverick director released a song on the dogs’ menace targeting the Mayor. He had penned down the lyrics. We can sense his stand on the issue as he used some strong lines that despite begging for taxes from people, Mayor cannot understand the problem.

Blaming the Mayor for the life lost, RGV said that the Mayor has a Dog brain and she will understand the situation only if hundreds of dogs are released in her house. Whose sin is this, asked RGV in the song titled Kukkala Mayor.

Throughout the song, RGV questioned and blamed the Mayor. He asked if she felt any pain seeing the parents of the kid crying their hearts out for losing their kid. It appears that RGV did not forget the issue and still holds the Mayor responsible for the incident.

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