Pillars of Ramalayam were destroyed in Kurnool district !!

The demolition of temples and idols is again causing a stir in the AP. Recently, some unidentified persons attacked Ramalayam which is under construction in the Done Zone of Kurnool district. The pillars of the temple were destroyed by the thugs. The villagers are outraged over the incident. They are demanding strict action against the accused.

Locals who saw the broken pillars informed the police. As per the locals, in the recent panchayat elections, a group demanded that Rs 30 lakh be given for the construction of the temple and that the Sarpanch position should be left unanimous. But the election was held normally. As per his word, the candidate who won the elections donated Rs 30 lakh to the temple. The attack on the temple caused a stir in the village.

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