Pawan’s Iconic ‘Tholi Prema’ Getting Re-Released At A Wrong Time?

One of the very few films which Pawan Kalyan fans regard as a cult classic is ‘Tholi Prema’. The movie is completing 25 years of its release and the freshness is still intact. The movie is still relatable to the current generation of youth as it is just a love story but also deals with topics like pure friendship, the innocence of youngsters, the brother-sister bond, and others. Director Karunakaran delivered big time and he was not able to give a better movie than ‘Tholi Prema’ till date. The songs by Deva are still in many people’s playlists. Such a movie is all set to get re-released on 30th June.

The distributor has officially announced this but the audience are already getting bored of these re-releases. ‘Khushi’ and ‘Thammudu’ performed well and fans planned ‘Gudumba Shankar’ re-release in order to donate to Janasena’s funds. Bringing ‘Tholi Prema’ in such a short gap might make even the die-hard fans to think that it is going too far. Thanks to the Twitter wars, people are even comparing the collections of re-release too these days.

Other than being a plan to exploit the emotions of fans, planning 2-3 releases per month has no other explanation. A lot of movie lovers support this argument and the ticket prizes are not being reduced at all and they are equal to new releases. One should have a practical plan and release the classics in such a way that their magic doesn’t get lost. With the 25-year anniversary arriving in July, one fails to understand why ‘Tholi Prema’ is getting released in June.

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