Pawan Kalyan Will Not Win, But Ambati Rayudu Does?

No won predict who wins and loses in elections. But those who enjoy a massive fan following will have an advantage for sure. Going by this, we have to admit that film stars will have a few plusses in politics.

Heroes and stars are seen as demigods. Poeple own them. They need not worry about the parties and their vote bank as their image works as a big vote bank for them. In that case, they would have an edge.

Talking about Andhra Pradesh politics, a few stars won the elections. Few others are venturing into politics. We would see a few others venturing in the coming days. The mega family enjoys a massive fan following in AP. Chiranjeevi started Praja Rajyam and contested two seats. But he lost in one seat.

On the other hand, Pawan Kalyan floated Janasena in 2014 and contested two seats in 2019. Sadly he lost both seats. The 2024 elections are coming. Pawan Kalyan is showing interest in alliances. But the YSRCP leaders are saying that Pawan will not win the elections no matter with which party alliance is made.

Now Indian cricketer Ambati Rayudu is in discussion politically. It has been reported that he would run the elections. He hails from Ponnur in Guntur and there is a talk that he would even win the MP polls.

Film stars and cricketers enjoy a good following among people. Film stars have an edge over others. People love them. However, the catch with cricketers is they are connected with only youth. But many ask how they can say, Ambati Rayudu would win the elections when they say Power Star Pawan Kalyan will not win.

The question of how Ambati Rayudu will win when Pawan Kalyan could not arise. The debate of how he can win the elections by joining a party and wearing the party shawl. Moreover, he is likely to contest the MP elections.

What Ambati has that Pawan Kalyan doesn’t is the debate here. Those who say leaders should travel with people and woo them by traveling with them are ignoring the aspects in Ambati Rayudu’s case.

They ask how people can say Ambati Rayudu would win when Pawan Kalyan is advised on staying close to people. On the other hand, there is no clarity on how close Ambati Rayudu is with the local leaders. Though he is from Guntur, his family is settled in Hyderabad.

At a time when reports are doing rounds that Ambati Rayudu is coming into politics, it is also said that YCP, TDP, and BRS are showing interest in giving him a ticket. There are also a few satires on this. We have to wait and see if Cricket following would do better than film following in AP.

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