Pawan Busy With Four Films.. What About Politics?

Fans love Pawan Kalyan with his tag of Power Star. The news of Pawan announcing films is enough for them to make them happy. Pawan Kalyan is busy as he has four films in his hand. His fans are happy that their matinee idol is doing films. Pawan is also in politics.

It’s been a decade since he floated Janasena party. Pawan Kalyan saw two elections after his direct entry into politics. He is focusing on the 2024 elections and wants to see that leaders of his party win as MLAs. But he has four films in hand and he is very busy with them.

Many ask how Pawan Kalyan can take out time for politics as he is busy with films. Politics is a full-time job and 24 hours are not enough for it. Chandrababu Naidu is working hard to woo the people even in his seventies. He is keeping himself busy with this.

Chandrababu Naidu is having a busy time touring district after district, without taking any breaks. He is not even considering the hot sun and is touring the state. Compared to him, Pawan Kalyan is young and there is a need for him to tour the state and make the party stronger, say many. We don’t have much time for the elections and in around 10 months the elections will fall.

Ruling YCP is busy with its work and is focusing on implementing its strategies. Only Janasena is left out in this. Many say that Pawan Kalyan is the reason for this. A few months back, he announced bus yatra on his Varahi. However, the vehicle is now restricted to the shed.

Pawan Kalyan is doing films happily and there are also doubts about how Janasena can benefit if he holds meetings ahead of the elections. Many say that Pawan Kalyan pinned high hopes on alliances. TDP leaders are in the public already and they already brought an anti-YCP atmosphere.

It appears that Pawan wants to come into the picture only ahead of the 2024 elections. Pawan Kalyan doing back-to-back films is given as a reason for this. However, there is a threat of the Janasena cadre getting demoralized by this. No one can be trusted in politics and leaders should know this.

TDP is seeking support from everyone as it is in opposition. But many say that there would be a situation where TDP would go after Janasena if it comes to power. If the party is brought on the right track and the cadres are made strong then Janasena would not have any issues no what would be the political consequences after the 2024 polls.

But Pawan is depending on a single slogan. Pawan wants to dethrone Jagan and his politics and political mathematics are aiming at the same. His plan is said to be aiming at that first and after scenes would be focused later. The point is if Chandrababu would consider Pawan if TDP defeats Jagan in the next elections.

Pawan is trusting Chandrababu and leaving the party issues to deputy leader Nadendla Manohar and he is busy doing films. Janasena supporters are worried about this, but not saying anything due to their affection towards Pawan. We have to wait and see when Pawan Kalyan understands this.

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