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Neevalle Neevalle Daily Serial

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Recent Random Post:

Nagarjuna to play ex-RAW agent

February 24, 2021

Nagarjuna is game for a makeover for his role in his upcoming film under new-age filmmaker Praveen Sattaru. Apparently, Nag will feature as an ex -RAW agent who turns Chief Security Officer (CSO) on a mission.

An excited Praveen Sattaru, who commenced shooting for the action-entertainer on Monday, tells us that his first day of working with Nag was “super cool”.
“He’s a stunner; his charm and the effortless ease with which he gets into the role is too good,” enthuses Praveen.

He says Nag will be seen performing high-octane stunts in the movie. According to the director, the action sequences in the film will be on par with Hollywood standards. “In Tollywood, we have tried to adopt scripts and narrative styles from Hollywood, but we have seldom succeeded. I believe the trick lies in identifying and adapting the narrative style of our films to the Hollywood style of film-making,” explains the director.

“I believe one of the main reasons Nag Sir gave me the opportunity was that he liked the way I sketched his role. The intense emotional arc his character undergoes caught his attention. And of course, the script, which he believed is gripping,” explains the Garuda Vega helmer.

Nag will be seen as a 45-year-old man. “His look will be stunning and the effort Nagarjuna Sir has been putting in is truly inspiring,” asserts Praveen, signing off.