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Neevalle Neevalle Daily Serial

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Producer Dil Raju expresses confidence in ‘Gaali Sampath’s success

February 22, 2021

‘Gaali Sampath’ promotional event was held in the city yesterday where many dignitaries from film fraternity graced the ocassion.

“A big director should be part of small films to make it a big one. I am confident that ‘Gaali Sampath’ will be such a big movie,” producer Dil Raju expressed. Rajendra Prasad will play the lead role as the father of the hero that would remain as a special character. Sri Vishnu and Lovely Singh star as the hero and heroines in the film

Under Anil Ravipudi’s screen play and supervision ‘Gaali Sampath’ is directed by Aneesh wherein Produced by S. Krishna. He is the Co- director, writer and friend of Anil Ravipudi who bankrolled the film under newly launched Image spark entertainments along with Harish Peddi and Sahu Garapati’s Shine screens banner. The flick is all set to release on March 11.

Gaali Sampath (played by Rajendra Prasad) suffers a throat problem where only air comes out and he will not be able to speak. In this movie, Rajendra Prasad speaks in a language that sounds like ‘Fi Fi’ and a song too under that name was released few days ago by actor Nani.

“There are good emotions along with entertainment and would surely lovely by all,” said Anish. “Galisampath, which started as a small film, is going to be released as a big film with the arrival of Anil Ravipudi,” said Sahu Garapati and S. Krishna.