Nani Turns Cook In This Quarantine Time

Nani, the Tollywood’s boy next door knows how to stay in the news all the time! The content in the news coverage will all be good, Nani is so cautious about it! He tries to show a path to his fans that could be of help but never lets them stray!
Nani is using his Corona quarantine time to his best. He is honing his culinary skills and helping his family in the process. In this way, Nani is posing a challenge for his fans to be of help to the ladies in the kitchen so that they would appreciate every bit of your help he says!

Nani admitted that he never knew how to light the stove but has become a cook now! He shared a video on the social media saying he cooked ‘Chana Masala’ curry. Way to go Nani, you have few more days in the quarantine and there are good chances that you become an expert in cooking and to win accolades from the ladies in the house for your smallest contribution.

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