Malli Nindu Jabili Serial – E452 – 29th Sep

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Today’s Episode:

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Today’s Episode:

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‘UBS’ Team Finds Their Antagonist!

September 26, 2023

Fans of Pawan Kalyan are loving life for the past few weeks. Their hero’s movie updates and political moves have made them very happy. Pawan’s upcoming films ‘OG’ and ‘Ustaad Bhagat Singh’ are being made amidst a lot of hype. The glimpse of ‘Ustaad Bhagat Singh’ and the posters that came out till date made it clear that fans will be witnessing the mass avatar of Pawan.

Director Harish Shankar took the basic storyline of ‘Theri’ and made a lot of changes to suit the Telugu style. Pawan Kalyan is working at a rapid pace and he recently took part in a schedule as well. As we know, Mahindran played the villain role in the original and did a fantastic job. The movie needs an actor who can play the role of a respectable politician who is quite cruel when it comes to actions.

As per reports, Harish Shankar picked Tamil actor Parthiban for this role. The season actor and director is a big name in Tamil cinema but did only one film in Telugu. It is ‘Racha’ where he appears as Ram Charan’s father in the flashback. Though he did not act in many straight films, many of his dubbed movies including ‘Rakshasudu’, ‘PS – 1&2’, ‘Yuganiki Okkadu’ and many more are well-known to the Telugu audience. We need to wait till the news becomes official.

Director Harish Shankar who knows the mass pulse is showing Pawan Kalyan in a never-before mass character as a tough cop in the movie. Sreeleela is the heroine of ‘Ustaad Bhagat Singh’. Narra Sreenu, Chammak Chandra, Giri, Temper Vamsi, Nawab Shah, Ashutosh Rana, Gouthami, Naga Mahesh and others play key roles. Ayanka Bose is the director of photography while Anand Sai is the director. DSP is the music composer while Chota K Prasad is the editor. Mythri Movie Makers are the producers.