Mahesh’s Sister Talks About Similarities Between Pawan & Her Brother!

Superstar Mahesh Babu and Powerstar Pawan Kalyan are two of the biggest names in South India. Their sheer star power can drive the film towards profits and they are on top of their game despite nearing their fifties. As we know, Mahesh is currently working on Rajamouli’s film while Pawan has multiple projects in his hand right now.

There are crores of people who want to see them sharing screen space. They are very simple people who maintain a controversy-free life off the screen. Though Pawan makes the news through his political endeavours but Mahesh is completely silent. They even don’t like giving interviews about their own releases and dress themselves in a simple fashion. They do a lot of charity as well.

In an old interview, Mahesh Babu’s sister Manjula Ghattamaneni talked about the similarities between the biggest stars of Telugu cinema. She stated that there is a healthy competition between both the heroes and they follow their instinct all the time. She added that both heroes are in their own world all the time and these are the same traits both Pawan and Mahesh share according to Manjula. Superstar Mahesh Babu and elite director SS Rajamouli are making a pan-world movie together. The pre-production works are going on.

People are eager to see when it starts rolling and this globetrotting adventure drama is expected to be released on an international level. Pawan is working on crazy projects like ‘OG’, ‘Ustaad Bhagat Singh’, ‘Hari Hara Veera Mallu’ and others.

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