Madhuranagarilo Daily Serial- E73 – 8th June

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E73 – Part1 : Part2 – 8th June

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Recent Random Post:

4 Crores For ‘Adipurush’ Pre-release Event!

June 7, 2023

Though this number may sound unrealistic, it is the reality. The team of ‘Adipurush’ spent around 4 crores on the pre-release event which was held in Tirupati. It was a grand affair without a question and over one lakh people attended the event.

This huge event was made possible with the people from UV Creations, People Media Factory and Shreyas Media working together for over a week. They worked everything out and spent a whopping 4 crores for this event. Sources say that the Shreyas Media gave a bill of around two and a half crores just for the public event management.

Usually, there will be a lot of sponsors for such big events and they will cover a lot of costs. But it has been made clear that there will be no sponsors for this event and UV stated that they will manage the entire cost. It cost them around two and a half crore for groundwork, waterproof lighting, waterproof audio equipment, sofas, chairs, stage and other equipment. They brought a lot of singers and musicians from Mumbai and their accommodations were looked after. The fees were paid and lakhs were spent on fireworks as well.

Around a hundred people from Shreyas Media, UV and People Media spent one week in Tirupati and their hotel costs were huge. Media from across the country were transported in flights to Tirupati and their accommodations were looked after. This cost another crore and a half to the UV banner. On the whole, they spent around 4 crores on this event which helped in bringing a big buzz on the movie.