Language Doesn’t Matter If The Content Is Good: Harish Shankar

A lot of Malayalam movies are getting dubbed in Telugu nowadays and they are getting a lot of success. One such movie from Kerala is ‘2018’ which is being released in Telugu by the Geetha Arts banner. The special premiers of this movie has been showcased to the media representatives already and a journalist posed an interesting question to producer Bunny Vas.

After watching 2018, he asked if a Telugu director and Telugu producer would take the risk of making such a daring movie. Responding to this, Harish Shankar gave an instant reply to the journalist. He said that there is nothing such as a dubbing movie or a remake movie. All that matters is that whether it is a good cinema or not for the audience. Films like ‘RRR’ and ‘Baahubali’ were made by a Telugu director.

“Nobody called that a dubbing movie and it was a huge success. When the whole world is looking towards Telugu cinema and Telugu directors, it is irrelevant to ask whether we could do it or not. Movies these days are reaching everywhere. A good cinema is being received by the audience across the states. The producers are coming forward to showcase it. If needed, more films will be remade and dubbed”, said the ‘DJ’ director.

He says that they are always trying to bring good stories to the audience and he countered that why won’t the Telugu heroes come forward if they were given these stories when a reporter asked a question regarding the stars. Harish stated that there are no boundaries these days and movies are devoid of languages. He adds that the audience need good cinema and asked why the audience are watching Hollywood cinema despite them not promoting it. Harish Shankar’s reply is getting a lot of appreciation and the video of this is currently going viral.

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