Kumkuma Puvvu Daily Serial – E2129 – 19th Apr

Show/Serial:Kumkuma Puvvu Daily Serial
Channel:Maa TV

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Serial Plot:
Kumkuma Puvvu is a Telugu serial on Maa TV. Amrutha, Jayanti's illegitimate daughter, is separated from her mother at birth. They are destined to reunite and what happens once they realize the truth weaves the further story.

Kumkuma Puvvu

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Latest Episode:

E2129 – Part1 : Part2 -19th Apr

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Recent Random Post:

Nobody Owns Tamil Cinema: Vishal Fires At Red Giant Movies!

April 16, 2024

Tamil hero Vishal has scored a hit with ‘Mark Antony’ and he is coming up with ‘Rathnam’ soon. Whilst promoting his upcoming film with director Hari, Vishwal talked about the monopoly in the Tamil industry and vented out his anger on Udhayanidhi Stalin and his ‘Red Giant Movies’ banner.

He said, “I had a major confrontation with a person in Red Giant Movies. Nobody owns Tamil cinema and if anybody claims that they do, they will not succeed in the industry. I know that person very well. In fact, I was the one who introduced him to Udhya (Udhayanidhi) in 2006 after Sandakozhi. And when he called me and asked me to postpone the release of my films, I was not able to digest it. My producer borrowed money and spent about Rs 65 crore on Mark Antony. He had also announced long ago that the film would be released on September 15 during the Ganpati festival.”

He added, “If I had kept quiet I would have lost so much. Because we released the film on that date, the producer made profits, Adhik got a career break, and I achieved a great victory. I’m sure I’ll also face similar issues for Rathnam.”

Coming to his Rathnam, Vishal and Hari teamed up for this film after hits like ‘Bharani’ and ‘Pooja’. The theatrical trailer was launched recently. Priya Bhavani Shankar is the female lead. Samuthirakani, Yogibabu and Gautham Vasudev Menon play key roles in the movie. Devi Sri Prasad is giving the music while Sukumar is the director of photography. TS Jay is the editor. Written and directed by Hari, the movie is being made under Stone Bench Films and Zee Studios. ‘Rathnam’ will be released worldwide on 26th April 2024.