Kumkuma Puvvu Daily Serial – E1696 -2nd Jul

Show/Serial:Kumkuma Puvvu Daily Serial
Channel:Maa TV

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Serial Plot:
Kumkuma Puvvu is a Telugu serial on Maa TV. Amrutha, Jayanti's illegitimate daughter, is separated from her mother at birth. They are destined to reunite and what happens once they realize the truth weaves the further story.

Kumkuma Puvvu

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Latest Episode:

E1696 – Part1 : Part2 – 2nd Jul

Previous Episode:

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Recent Random Post:

Pics: Junior Angel Shows Off In White

June 26, 2022

Janhvi being the daughter of an eternal angel keeps on spreading heat in the social media only with her pictures.

Here are a few from her recent albums. Each picture looks like volatile matter that is ready to blast.

Wearing a white colored innerwear, a top and a split cut short skirt,she looks like an angel dropped down from the blue sky.

The subtle exposure of her feminine glory makes a great impact. The pictures are in fact making rounds as they are going viral.

The way she poses, the way in which she smiles and the kind in which she emits the lecherous rays from every inch of her body makes her someone special. Keep rocking.

On the work front Janhvi is awaiting the release of Good Luck Jerry, Mili, Mr and Mrs Mahi and Bawaal.