Krishna Tulasi Daily Serial – E548 – 26th Nov

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Krishna Tulasi Daily Serial

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E548 – Part1 : Part2 – 26th Nov

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Recent Random Post:

Sharwa Invites CM KCR To His Reception Personally!

June 8, 2023

Tollywood’s handsome hero Sharwanand has finally become a married man. After enjoying bachelorhood for all these years, he entered wedlock with Rakshitha Reddy a few days back. The wedding was a grand affair held in Jaipur at a palace. The photos and videos of the Haldi ceremony, Sangeet and marriage are all over the internet. Many stars like Siddharth, Ram Charan and others were at the wedding too.

Now, he is hosting a reception in Hyderabad for all his friends, family, Tollywood fraternity and politicians. He visited Pragati Bhavan once again and personally handed over the invitation and gift box to Telangana Chief Minister Shri K Chandrasekhar Rao. The photos of them together are going viral and it looks like the reception is going to be a grand affair with celebrities and politicians from all over dropping by to wish the newlyweds.

Sharwa’s wife Rakshita Reddy who is the daughter of High Court Lawyer Madhusudhan Reddy. She is the granddaughter of politician Bojjala Gopala Krishna Reddy. Sharwa and Rakshita got engaged on 26th January and the families waited for Sharwa to become free from his commitments till June.

Sharwanand is working on an interesting project under Sriram Adittya’s direction and he completed a schedule in London a few weeks back. There are decent expectations on this project.