Kavitha Counters Allegations Of Destroying Phones In Style!

The Delhi Liquor Scam increased the political heat in Telangana after multiple searches were conducted in the state and Hyderabad-based Businessman Arun Ramachandra Pillai was arrested. On top of this, the Enforcement Directorate(ED) mentioned Kavitha’s name. She was grilled by the officers the other day for a few hours.

The BRS MLC appeared before the officers for the second consecutive day. She was accompanied by the party cadre when she headed to the office. Before going into the office, Kavitha displayed the phones which were alleged to have been destroyed by her. She held a few phones and showed them to the media.

Many say that the former MP might have hit back at the allegations the investigating agency shot at her. Earlier, the ED officers alleged that Kavitha used many mobile phones and destroyed them to tamper with the pieces of evidence.

In the report that was filed before the court, the ED said this. When the agency said that, the opposition parties started attacking her and BRS on the issue. But the allegations took a big turn with Kavitha hitting back at them by displaying the phones to the media. It appears that the mobiles he held would be around 10.

On top of this, Kavitha had written a letter to the ED. The letter was written to the Assistant Director of The Directorate of Enforcement in which she asked how the agency can make such allegations without even asking her. She alleged that the central agency behaved intentionally to defame her.

The experts say that Kavitha might have taken the legal opinion and then displayed the phones. The other day, the additional AG and her two lawyers went to the ED office in the national capital Delhi.

The BRS and Kalvakuntla Family have been alleging that Kavitha was framed in the case with political intentions and gains. As Kavitha is being grilled by the investigating agencies, the party might have decided to counter the allegations. Destroying phones is the major allegation against the BRS MLC Kavitha. By displaying the phones, Kavitha might want to hit back at the allegations that she destroyed phones.

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