Is it YSRCP-TRS vs BJP tomorrow..?

The equations in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) elections are turning out very clumsy at this moment. We are just a few hours away from the polling and still nothing makes sense about the conclusion of friends and foes in Telangana. Under such circumstances, the propaganda that the ruling party YCP in the AP was ready to support the ruling TRS to gain momentum.

How can YCP support TRS? This will be the biggest doubt in everyone’s mind after reading the above speculation. Of course, no one would’ve brought the topic if theTRS secures a comfortable victory in the Dubbaka elections. But, now, the Seemandhra people in the Greater Hyderabad region are expected to play a crucial role in the GHMC polls. It is being said that Seemandhra people will influence the results in about 35 divisions.

Even in the 2019 AP general elections there are some reports that KCR supported Jagan in his own way and now the TRS might be expecting the same. After TRS successfully manipulated Raghunandan’s words on AP former CM YSR even after the MLA apologised on his misunderstood words the TRS wants to get undue advantage from this scenario.

It became clear that everyone except the hardcore TDP fans and people belong to Chandrababu Naidu’s social class, these divisions consist a lot of YSR fans and the rest of the YCP ranks. They have all decided to vote against the BJP in tomorrow’s elections. Of course, it cannot be said for sure that anti-BJP votes would deflect to TRS because most of the Telangana Reddys who are Jagan’s fans are anti-KCR.

However, it came out on social media that these YCP supporting people were called for a support panel for TRS on WhatsApp. Hence it is clear that even though Telangana Reddys are independent, Seemandhra Reddys and Jagan fans are likely to stand on the TRS side. It is unknown at this time what damage this might do for the BJP in the polling.

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