Indians Divided On Whom To Support Vivek Or Nikki Haley?

India’s domination at the global level is widely prevalent. If we look at the Global companies, Indians are leading them as Chief Executive Officers. Indian-origin Kamala Harris is serving as the Vice President of the United States and a few Indian-origin people are part of Joe Biden’s administration.

If everything goes well, we might also see Indian-origin becoming the President of the United States. Star candidates from the Republican party Vivek Ramaswamy and Nikki Haley are in the race for the US Presidential poll race. Both are confident and aggressive in the campaign activities.

Media reports say that Indians are divided over Vivek Ramaswamy and Nikki Haley. While some of them support Vivek, few others are leaning towards Nikki Haley. The Indian diaspora is said to have divided opinions on the two on whom to support.

They both hail from different backgrounds and have contrasting views on certain aspects. Nikki Haley is familiar with politics as she participated in electoral polls and served as South Carolina governor. She also served as United Nations ambassador in the past.

Talking about Vivek, he can be dubbed as a new face in the political spectrum. The millionaire entrepreneur has been flaunting his Hindu roots openly and trying to woo voters across the faiths.

Vivek Ramaswamy has been talking about dismantling the Education Department and stopping the focus on issues like climate change as it won’t concern America. He is aggressively talking about stopping the process. This is raising concerns among Indians while a few are supporting him.

Talking about Nikki Haley, she is shedding light on the importance of climate change and other issues to make America a better space. Just like Vivek, she is also seeing support and counters from the Indians.

Thanks to the growing trend of Indians migrating to the US, the Indian-origin population is growing and they are taking up big positions across the fields. So their votes will come in handy and we have to see what they will do.

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