‘HIT 2’ Trailer: An Arresting Investigative Thriller!

After a highly intriguing teaser, the team of ‘HIT 2’ has unveiled the theatrical trailer and it is very impressive. It makes sure that the audience are arrested by the story and makes you want to see the movie immediately. With the movie hitting the screens on 2nd December, the expectations have doubled due to this gripping trailer.

Adivi Sesh will be seen playing the lead in this investigation drama and the trailer kicks off with the protagonist being too confident about murderers. He called them dumb in front of the press. He starts investigating a girl’s ruthless murder and he gets surprised at each turn. All he sees are roadblocks and things become quite challenging for him. When he is left frustrated, we can see a painting on his mirror which reminds of what he said about murderers earlier.

This showcases that it is going to be a big battle of brains between the hero who is a police and villain who is a ruthless murderer. The trailer is edited in a wonderful manner as it doesn’t reveal a lot but makes you understand that it is going to be filled with twists and turns. The drama and serious mood of such a case has been portrayed brilliantly on the screen. The hype on the movie definitely got increased after this trailer.

Prashanti Tipirneni is the producer of this franchise. The arresting background score is composed by John Stewart Eduri. Natural Star Nani is presenting this movie under Wall Poster Cinema banner. Sunil Rodrigues, Venkat, Naba, and Real Sathish have choreographed the action sequences. Meenakshi Chaudhary, Rao Ramesh, and others are part of the cast. Sailesh Kolanu who made the first part has directed the second part too.

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