Heroines’ Campaigns In Lockdown Time

Everybody knows, along with every other sector, Bollywood is also bleeding under this lockdown. But it has hardly deterred some of our enterprising movie stars, known to rake in the big bucks via advertisements.

No, they are not on regular ad shoots.

We have heard all about Karan Johar getting his lush black locks back courtesy a popular hair-dye company, Alia Bhatt posted a teaser promotion yesterday.

Kriti Sanon is recommending a sanitary napkin for frontline workers, while Katrina is thanking Covid-warriors via a sneaker brand. Rakul Preet is peddling a pet food company because it’s made in India.

Kiara Advani had a double whammy – a cold cream for Mother’s Day and a head-hunting portal for those who’ve lost their jobs due to the corona crisis.

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