Harish Shankar Facing The Heat Unnecessarily!

Energetic director Harish Shankar waited for Pawan Kalyan for more than two years with his ‘Bhavadeeyudu Bhagat Singh’ script. But the star hero who agreed this story initially decided to shelve it and the star director is forced to work on another script. He recently gave an update that he will be sharing a big excitement with everyone on Thursday. Many imagined that Harish will be remaking ‘Theri’ with Pawan Kalyan since this movie’s remake is being linked with Pawan for a long time.

Many thought Sujeeth would be remaking it but he announced a new project with PK recently. Now, the audience are speculating that Pawan and Harish are doing ‘Theri’ remake under Mythri Movie Makers banner. As we know, ‘Theri’ got dubbed as ‘Policodu’ in Telugu and it has been telecasted a lot of times. People have seen this film numerous times and remaking such film after so many years is a very bad idea.

Also, fans are vexed with Pawan Kalyan acting only in remakes. He did ‘Vakeel Saab’ which is a remake of ‘Pink’ and ‘Bheemla Nayak’ which is a remake of ‘Ayyappanum Koshiyum’. Though there were termed as hit movies, fans were not at all satisfied with them. This is why they trended #WeDontWantTheriRemake on Twitter throughout the day. There are a few fans who warned the hero and director of committing suicide if this project goes underway. They are flooding the Twitter space of Harish Shankar and are asking him to avoid the project completely. He is at the receiving end of a lot of hate.

But one needs to understand that Harish is not responsible for this as he first approached Pawan with an original script. It is their favorite hero who is calling the shots and deciding which movie to do. Due to his political commitments, Pawan wants to fulfill his promise to Mythri Movie Makers as soon as he can and it is where remakes came into the scene. A director like Harish Shankar cannot reject a plan from Pawan Kalyan. So, if there is anyone the fans need to blame, it is definitely their matinee idol.

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